William Suttor reads his own Obituary

William Henry Suttor

Letters and telegrams of condolence poured into “Alloway Bank”, near Bathurst, one day in the 1870’s, when a Sydney newspaper announced the death of William Henry Suttor, of Bathurst Plains.

Most amused was William Henry himself.

His deep laugh boomed through the homestead as he read his own obituary.

With relish he opened each black-bordered letter and read what his friends thought of him.

He wrote or telegraphed personal messages of thanks to each, and then scandalised his family by sending the postal bill for 10 pounds to the newspaper. He received a cheque in prompt payment.

William Henry Suttor, great, great, grandfather of the writer, died in October 1877 at “Alloway Bank”, once the home of Captain John Piper.

5 thoughts on “William Suttor reads his own Obituary

  1. Greg, I thank you so much for this great way to tell a part of your ancestor’s history, that shows that the right time is always Now, like reading this!
    I found your page while searching informations on William Henry’s life (and George) following a friend’s channeling of his past lives gave the exact description, dates, place, occ, All! But I didn’t realise it was written by his direct descendant! And Now, I find it amazing to know that my friend’s Soul is the same as the one in William and crazy to know that you could be hearing your ancestor answer as he has lived it or describe an event! It’s always Now! Thanks🙏


    1. Thanks for your comment Sophie. Most of my articles have come from newspaper reports and other sources available from Google searches. There is also a book titled “Dear William” by Horace and Judy Norton, who are also descendants, that covers a lot of detail on William’s life and “Brucedale” at Bathurst. Cheers Greg


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