Cowra Memorial Grove for WW1 Fallen planted in May 2019

A memorial tree grove was planted along Cowra’s Peace Precinct on the 25th May, 2019, in recognition of 100 years since the end of WW1 and Cowra’s service personnel who didn’t return from the Front including Lewis Gordon Blackmore.

The memorial grove was the idea of Cowra Shire Councillor Ray Walsh as a commemorative project for the 100 years since the end of WW1.

The Cowra district had approximately 560 men and women serve overseas in the First World War.

It is believed 77 service personnel did not return.

The project commemorates these people by planting a tree for each person who did not return.

A launch of the grove was held on the morning of May 25, 2019 with a function following at the Cowra Civic Centre.

“We feel we should do just that little bit more for the 100 years since the first world war ended,” Cr Walsh said.

“We have memorial groves for the people who enlisted and went away, it is appropriate that recognition be given to those who went away and didn’t come home.

“The descendants of those families were invited to attend and take part in the ceremony,” he said.

Cowra Shire Environmental Services Director, Kate Alberry, said signage in the grove is a similar style to those at the POW site and will list the soldiers that are being remembered by name. 

“Council invited members of the 77 fallen soldiers’ families to the replanting event on site, with an opportunity to plant a tree for their ancestors,” Ms Alberry said.

Link to List of Fallen

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