Regattas, Shields & Silverware

The Blackmore Club, Adelaide

The Blackmore Club

The Blackmore Club was founded in 1989 and the members comprise of former Saints (Collegiate School of St Peters) rowers, and current and former coaches and parents.

“Connecting current and former Saints rowers and supporters”

The Blackmore Club is named after Mr Edwin Gordon Blackmore who was, for many years, coach and adviser to the St Peter’s College Boat Club. In 1893, as President of the South Australian Rowing Association, he presented the Blackmore Shield for competition between the first crews of St Peter’s College and Prince Alfred College. At that time it was a race between fours, unlike today where it is a race between eights.

The Blackmore Shield

The Blackmore Club aims to encourage, foster, support, and promote rowing at St Peter’s College. To achieve this the Club brings together Old Scholars, parents and friends, with a common interest in supporting Saints rowing.

The Blackmore Club Medal

The Club hosts Blackmore Club dinners and evening Sundowners at the Saints Boat Shed. During the season the Club provides a sausage sizzle after training two or three times a season for all squads. Each year, soon after the Head of the River, the Club presents the much sought after engraved Blackmore Club Medal to all winning crews at the Head of the River.

St Peters College Coat of Arms (Crest) with Oars – “For God and Country”

Alongside the screening of their rowing history documentary on the 8th November 2022, the Blackmore Club gathered as a community for the christening of their new racing coxed quad/four.

New coxed four “E G Blackmore” named in 2022

The boat takes the significant name E.G. Blackmore, after Mr Edwin Gordon Blackmore, a former Governor and Rowing Coach at SPSC, and President of the South Australian Rowing Association in 1893. He was instrumental in developing Rowing at the School and across the state. The Intercollegiate shield awarded at the Head of the River bears his family name along with the Blackmore Club; our community that supports Rowing at St Peter’s College.

New Coxed four “E G Blackmore”

The ceremony included a speech delivered by Head of Rowing Mr Wade Hall-Craggs, a blessing given by School Chaplain Father Theo McCall before Rowing parent Vanessa Browning christened the E.G. Blackmore.

Edwin Gordon Blackmore

Edwin was a keen oarsman and coached the crew for St Peters Collegiate School for many years.

Amateur Fours 1 1/2 Miles
Port Adelaide Regatta
1st Jan 1867
E G Blackmore

As a ‘rowing theorist’ and an original member of the Regatta Committee in 1884-87, he was elected first chairman of the South Australian Rowing Club (Association) on 3 September 1889.

The Blackmore Challenge Shield 1893
Crew of the Blackmore Challenge Shield Winners 1893

He had great success as coach and donated the Blackmore Challenge Shield, first contested in 1893.

The Blackmore Challenge Shield 1893
The Blackmore Challenge Shield 1893

When his decision as judge of the ladies challenge shield on the 14th February 1898 was reversed on appeal in his absence, he summarily resigned and withdrew his bank guarantee. Later, when elected vice-president on 27 September 1898, he declined the position.

George Henry Farr – Silver Medal – Thames Regatta 1843

“George Henry Farr, born 1819, older child and only son of George Farr and Eleanor Goodall, was Captain and stroke of his college eight while at Cambridge.

While reading for Law at the Inns of Court, London, he took part in the Thames Regatta of 1843 – he pulled No 3 in the winning eight and was awarded the silver medal.

Silver Medal

George Henry Farr came to Adelaide South Australia In 1854 to be Headmaster of St Peters College.

His eldest child, Eleanora Elizabeth, married Edwin Gordon Blackmore on the 3rd January 1872.

Greg Blackmore – Yaralla Cup 1962

Great grandson of Edwin Gordon Blackmore and following, unknowingly, in the footsteps of his ancestors, Greg became a Coxen at the Kings School, Parramatta in 1960.

Starting out in the heavy wooden “Tubs” and he then coxed the Junior Eight shell and had a winning season with them in 1961.

Junior Eight 1961

Greg then went on to cox the First Four in 1962 and won the Head of The River on the Nepean River against all schools, winning the “Yaralla Cup”.

The First Four wining the “Yaralla Cup” in 1962
First Four 1962 – Winners of “Yaralla Cup”
The Yaralla Cup
“Yaralla Cup” – take home Mug

The custom at the time was for winning crews at the Head of the River to be able to take home their Oars or Rudder. Greg has the Rudder.

The Rudder from the First IV “Yaralla Cup” winner in 1962

The First Four was the main GPS rowing event until the eights racing began in 1910.

Until 1910 the Major Rennie Trophy, donated in 1894, was awarded for the First Four race. From that time it became the trophy for the First Eight race.

The Yaralla Cup was presented by Miss Eadith Walker in 1906. From 1906 to 1910, the Yaralla Cup was awarded for the Second Four race. In 1910 the Yaralla Cup became the First Four trophy.

Greg dropped out of being a Coxen in his final year of School. The Coxen from the second fours in 1962 went on to cox the First Eight in the year 1963.


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