What’s in a Name – Clandulla

The article, linked in the Kandos History blog below, was written by Colleen O’Sullivan for the Mudgee Guardian on 8 June 2015.

Jack and Edith Blackmore, and their son Lewis, moved from “Landsdowne”, Wattamondara, in the Cowra district to Clandulla in 1929, having purchased the property “Mt View”. “Mt View” was named after it’s view of the Haystack Mountain adjacent to Clandulla. Edith’s sister, Lucy Crossley and her husband, Oliver, had previously, in 1928, purchased a property “Fernside” at Rylstone, and this may have influenced their decision to move to the district. Jack also wanted to get away from the cropping at “Landsdowne” and just raise fine wool Merino sheep. Their son Lew and his wife, Louie (nee Suttor from “Myola”, Ilford), began their married life, in 1945, at “Rosedale”, Kandos, adjacent to the Charbon Cement Works, and later purchased “Chester”, adjoining “Mt View”, and on the other side of the railway line, at Clandulla, in 1952.


6 thoughts on “What’s in a Name – Clandulla

      1. Colleen, also letting you know that there are invariably edits and corrections after initially published and the auto generated emails that go out can have less information and sometimes mistakes that are later corrected on the web site. For instance, Jack and Edith went to “Mt View” in 1929 not 1909. Cheers Greg


  1. Hello Colleen . Just letting you know that my farther Carl Reddish was the manager of Blackmores Mt View for 25 years. At that time 1950s it was 6000 areas. Now look at it, I am still there we came back and purchase a block after we sold the garage. Lesley.

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    1. Hi Lesley, Not sure Colleen will see this, unless you click on the link to her original article on Kandos History, and comment there. On the other hand she does follow my site so she may see it. All the best, Greg


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