Gregory Downs Station – Old Photographs

In October 1876 three Watson brothers left from “Walwa” on the Upper Murray in Victoria, following a survey trip by Greg, one of the brothers, in 1875, to settle on the Gregory River at “Gregory Downs” some 120 kilometres south of Burketown, arriving in August 1877. Two of the brothers, Harry Frederick and Philip Sidney … Continue reading Gregory Downs Station – Old Photographs

Major Olaf Murray Walsoe

The first of Sydney Grandison “Grandie” and Isabella Watson’s children to marry was Isobella “Emily” who married George Black from Tarwin Meadows (near Inverloch) in Victoria, in 1871. Emily was only 20 years of age at the time and George was 38 years her senior at 58. Life at Tarwin Meadows was fairly hard for … Continue reading Major Olaf Murray Walsoe