The Coffey Affair in Burketown

From the Reminiscences of Robert McGregor "Greg" Watson of "Gregory Downs" A man called Tom Coffey shipped in some stores to Burketown by boat to start another pub. The stores were accompanied by his wife whilst Tom came overland with the horses from Normanton. When Coffey arrived, some months later, he found a most unfavourable … Continue reading The Coffey Affair in Burketown

The Gregory Hotel

In 1882 the Watson’s moved the goods out of their store at Burketown to Gregory Downs to the present site of the Hotel and started a pub and store. This was the spot that they had at first settled and built on when they arrived on the Gregory River but they found that travellers became … Continue reading The Gregory Hotel

The Gregory River

One of the few flowing rivers in Australia, the Gregory River rises from underground limestone springs close to the Northern Territory border, 50 kilometres east of Camooweal and eventually joins the Nicholson River to flow into the Gulf of Carpentaria near Burketown. With a catchment area of some 12,690 square kilometres the mean flow rate … Continue reading The Gregory River

Grandie Watson of Walwa, Upper Murray

Grave of great, great, grandfather, Sidney Grandison Watson and his first wife, Isabella Robinson, at Walwa Homestead on the Upper Murray River, Victoria. "Grandie", as he was known, was the father of Harry, Sidney and Greg Watson who settled Gregory Downs in 1877. Rumour also has it that one day at Walwa the twins, Harry … Continue reading Grandie Watson of Walwa, Upper Murray