The Clandulla Train Wreck

The Wreck of the Lithgow-Mudgee mail train at Clandulla. Lew and Louie Blackmore purchased “Chester” at Clandulla in 1952 and moved there from "Rosedale" Kandos (near Charbon Cement Works) where they had been living since 1945. Lew’s parents, Jack and Edith Blackmore had previously, in 1929, purchased the adjoining property “Mt View” and had moved … Continue reading The Clandulla Train Wreck

Louie Suttor, Ilford & Clandulla

Louie Bathurst Blackmore (Nee Suttor) Louie Suttor, Mother of Greg and Robert "Bret" Blackmore, went to primary school in Ilford NSW. Her parents Dud and Betty Suttor had an Orchard in the area at “Myola” Tabrabucca, and Louie rode a horse to school. Ilford School Residence Ilford School (Burnt down in 1930) Dud Suttor’s parents … Continue reading Louie Suttor, Ilford & Clandulla