Watson Bros & The Gregory Hotel

In 1876 the Watson brothers; Harry Frederick Watson, Phillip Sidney Watson and Robert Mc Gregor 'Greg' Watson left from the Upper Murray where their father, Sydney Grandison Watson, owned Walwa and Tintaldra Stations. They brought 900-odd mixed cattle from Dotswood Station and started out for the Upper Diamantina and later the Flinders River. They had … Continue reading Watson Bros & The Gregory Hotel

“Watsons Crags”, Snowy Mountains & Prof. Archie Watson.

Professor Archibald Watson Professor Archibald Watson “Grandie” Watson’s fourth child by his first marriage and brother to Sidney, Harry and Greg Watson of Gregory Downs was Professor Archibald Watson an eminent Australian and world famous surgeon and Elder Chair of Anatomy at Adelaide University for 28 years, who had been encouraged by botanist Baron Von … Continue reading “Watsons Crags”, Snowy Mountains & Prof. Archie Watson.

Grandie Watson of Walwa, Upper Murray

Grave of great, great, grandfather, Sidney Grandison Watson and his first wife, Isabella Robinson, at Walwa Homestead on the Upper Murray River, Victoria. "Grandie", as he was known, was the father of Harry, Sidney and Greg Watson who settled Gregory Downs in 1877. Rumour also has it that one day at Walwa the twins, Harry … Continue reading Grandie Watson of Walwa, Upper Murray