Sidney Watson’s honeymoon, North to Alaska & Canada

Philip Sidney "Sid" Watson married Annie Lister, somewhere in Queensland, in January 1898. Annie was 31 years old and a suffragist with a BA from the University of Melbourne and Sidney was 39 years old. (there is also some suggestion that she may have been a nurse prior to attending university – Lew Blackmore re-called … Continue reading Sidney Watson’s honeymoon, North to Alaska & Canada

Poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon’s Racing Colours

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier (Photo credit, David Blackmore) In July 1864, the poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon performed the daring riding feat known as Gordon's Leap on the edge of the Blue Lake. A commemorative obelisk erected there has an inscription which reads: "This obelisk was erected as a memorial to the famous Australian poet. From … Continue reading Poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon’s Racing Colours

Why They Called Him “Sundown”

This song of John Williamson brings back memories of the Mt Isa based pilots for the North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo) during the peak of the BTEC Scheme in the 1970's. Mt Isa at Sundown In 1973 the Federal Labor Government had cut existing subsidies on far-western routes for mail services and air freight. The … Continue reading Why They Called Him “Sundown”