Regattas, Shields & Silverware

The Blackmore Club, Adelaide The Blackmore Club The Blackmore Club was founded in 1989 and the members comprise of former Saints (Collegiate School of St Peters) rowers, and current and former coaches and parents. “Connecting current and former Saints rowers and supporters” The Blackmore Club is named after Mr Edwin Gordon Blackmore who was, for … Continue reading Regattas, Shields & Silverware

Edwin Blackmore – to South Africa

Edwin Ord Blackmore (1879 - 1956) Edwin Ord Blackmore, the 4th son of Edwin Gordon and Eleanora Elizabeth Blackmore (nee Farr), was born at Semaphore, Adelaide on the 19th August 1879. From June to November 1895, Edwin, as a 6 year old, joined his grandfather Archdeacon George Farr and grandmother Julia Warren Farr and Aunty … Continue reading Edwin Blackmore – to South Africa

“Watsons Crags”, Snowy Mountains & Prof. Archie Watson.

Professor Archibald Watson Professor Archibald Watson “Grandie” Watson’s fourth child by his first marriage and brother to Sidney, Harry and Greg Watson of Gregory Downs was Professor Archibald Watson an eminent Australian and world famous surgeon and Elder Chair of Anatomy at Adelaide University for 28 years, who had been encouraged by botanist Baron Von … Continue reading “Watsons Crags”, Snowy Mountains & Prof. Archie Watson.

Jimmy Blackmore – to South Africa

James Gairdner Blackmore (1876 - 1963) James Gairdner Blackmore, the 3rd son of Edwin Gordon and Eleanora Elizabeth Blackmore (nee Farr) like his brother George before him, captained St Peter's College at football and went on to a brief career with Norwood.Born at Kent Town on 28 September 1876, Jimmy was a keen schoolboy footballer … Continue reading Jimmy Blackmore – to South Africa

George Blackmore – to South Africa

George Edward Blackmore (1874 - 1952) George Edward Blackmore, the 2nd son of Edwin Gordon and Eleanora Elizabeth Blackmore (nee Farr), had an enigmatic football career. From St Peter's College, he went on to a successful season with Geelong in 1893. He returned to Adelaide, played the first game of the season with Norwood in … Continue reading George Blackmore – to South Africa

An Old Letter from a Scotsman at Kinleside’s “Uppingham”, Koorawatha, near Cowra

Uppingham Siding Dear Alec, I received your letter the other week and this is the first chance I have had of answering it. I am getting along A1 and like this life though it is rough. There is plenty money to be made in the bush but you don't have the comforts like you have … Continue reading An Old Letter from a Scotsman at Kinleside’s “Uppingham”, Koorawatha, near Cowra

Tintaldra – Station, Store & Hotel

In sight of the majestic Snowy Mountains, Sydney Grandison Watson settled at “Walwa” on the Upper Murray, in 1845. Upper Murray River and bridge to Tooma behind Tintaldra Store “Grandie”, as he was known, was to expand his pastoral holdings on the Upper Murray to around 100,000 acres and became known as the “King of … Continue reading Tintaldra – Station, Store & Hotel

Louie Suttor, Ilford & Clandulla

Louie Bathurst Blackmore (Nee Suttor) Louie Suttor, Mother of Greg and Robert "Bret" Blackmore, went to primary school in Ilford NSW. Her parents Dud and Betty Suttor had an Orchard in the area at “Myola” Tabrabucca, and Louie rode a horse to school. Ilford School Residence Ilford School (Burnt down in 1930) Dud Suttor’s parents … Continue reading Louie Suttor, Ilford & Clandulla

“Tartrus”, Marlborough CQ

Early in 1967 the writer, Greg Blackmore, drove up to Rockhampton and then out to “Tartrus” west of Marlborough and on the Mackenzie River to start work for Graham and Shirley McCamley. As I drove into the property from the Marlborough Nebo Road which was then the Bruce Highway, I was blocked by floodwaters and … Continue reading “Tartrus”, Marlborough CQ

Sidney Watson’s honeymoon, North to Alaska & Canada

Philip Sidney Watson married Annie Lister in January 1898. Annie was a suffragist with a BA from the University of Melbourne (there is also some suggestion that she may have been a nurse prior to attending university – Lew Blackmore re-called in July 1989 that he could remember his mother telling him about Sidney marrying … Continue reading Sidney Watson’s honeymoon, North to Alaska & Canada